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Happy Monday, Anthrilo mum! This one is about parenting styles. Heard of panda parenting yet? Tigers, elephants and even helicopters have been dominating the parenting style scene for a while, but post-pandemic it seems that the cuddly and laid back Chinese bear is trending. In a refreshed world-view that puts competition on the back burner, parents are accepting that stressing children and themselves out isn’t exactly ideal. As such, you see parents actually backing off and taking it easy. Panda parenting seems to have raised its lazy head. As a panda parent, you’re basically cuddly and cute, with your claws hidden. Here’s how it works: The child leads, you go along. The child chooses, you advise. The child makes mistakes,...

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Happy Friday, Anthrilo mum! This one is about helping you make up yourmind about Olympiad participation. With variables such as the volume of homework, your personal viewsregarding competitions and most importantly, your child’s aptitude andpreferences to consider; introducing the child to Olympiad exams needs a bitof thought. Let’s deal with it in the traditional pros and cons method. I’m goingto list 5 points that speak against Olympiad participation and 5 for it. If you relate to, agree or disagree, join the discussion in the comments below. I was apprehensive to make my daughter hop on to the Olympiadbandwagon because:- I was worried about the additional academic pressure it would put onher.- The syllabus seemed to overlap with school.- I don’t...

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Immunity rules

Happy Monday, Anthrilo mum! This one is about keeping the little one fit as afiddle. As the parent of a young child, I know how tough change of weather can be.Wiping runny noses, having to listen to allergic coughs as the background scoreand tending to exposure fevers is not exactly my idea of spending a lovelySeptember day. So ladies, if it is brunches, coffee dates and salonappointments that you’d rather have on your daily schedule, then read on! Let’s take the bull by the horns – Kids fall sick when they are not strong enoughto fight off seasonal flu attacks. While this weather is known for triggeringallergies, there is also the damning combination of sweat and air conditioning.This multi-pronged attack...

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