Happy Monday, Anthrilo mum! This one is about parenting styles.
Heard of panda parenting yet? Tigers, elephants and even helicopters have
been dominating the parenting style scene for a while, but post-pandemic it
seems that the cuddly and laid back Chinese bear is trending. In a refreshed
world-view that puts competition on the back burner, parents are accepting
that stressing children and themselves out isn’t exactly ideal. As such, you see
parents actually backing off and taking it easy. Panda parenting seems to have
raised its lazy head.
As a panda parent, you’re basically cuddly and cute, with your claws hidden.
Here’s how it works:
The child leads, you go along.
The child chooses, you advise.
The child makes mistakes, you guide.
The child experiments, you trust.
Contrary to what you’re thinking, it’s not a ‘be lazy and keep sleeping’ approach; in fact it’s more of a ‘freedom will breed independence and confidence’ formula. You job is to support and act as a cushion to fall back on. You do not enforce your ideas and wishes upon the child or bully them into following a certain path.
You certainly do not choose for them, instead, you let them choose; even if you can see that it will be a bad decision. Bad decisions help in learning, making the child independent and instilling a level of confidence that nothing other than real life experiences can. Awareness of consequences plays a huge part here. The child has to own their actions since responsibility will fall squarely on their shoulders.
Life lessons at an early age! This style of parenting works well for parents too. Panda parents have reported reduced levels of stress, more time to themselves individually and as couples, and fewer road bumps when it comes to kids having issues with decision making and self-confidence. But know this, there is a flip side to panda parenting. The child will – in all likelihood – be laid back (read not overly competitive) and you will be called unconcerned (read lazy). Up for being called a lazy mum? Be a panda parent!
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