Happy Friday, Anthrilo mum! This one is about helping you make up your
mind about Olympiad participation.

With variables such as the volume of homework, your personal views
regarding competitions and most importantly, your child’s aptitude and
preferences to consider; introducing the child to Olympiad exams needs a bit
of thought.

Let’s deal with it in the traditional pros and cons method. I’m going
to list 5 points that speak against Olympiad participation and 5 for it.

If you relate to, agree or disagree, join the discussion in the comments below.

I was apprehensive to make my daughter hop on to the Olympiad
bandwagon because:
- I was worried about the additional academic pressure it would put on
- The syllabus seemed to overlap with school.
- I don’t see myself as the type of parent who pushes the child into every
competition that is announced.
- She guards her free time very fiercely and I don’t want to encroach upon
- I guard my free time quite fiercely too, and wasn’t up for another thing
on my plate!

After a minor tussle with myself which involved figuring out that you can
choose subjects and that the prep lead time is in months, I decided to let her
participate once. This is what I noticed:

- Participation increased focus, problem solving skills and critical thinking.
- It helped my daughter think independently.
- Preparation is easy because of the booklets provided – no extra work for
- Prep time kept her occupied and away from gadget abuse.

The results were a fair assessment of her learning, and gave me an idea
of where she stands on a national level.

Though participation in the Olympiad exams is beneficial, do remember that it
is optional. Always make your decision based on personal views and
preferences and not because ‘everyone’ is doing it.

For more mum-centric tips for kids, keep tabs on this space!

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