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Happy Monday, Anthrilo mum! This one is about keeping the little one fit as a

As the parent of a young child, I know how tough change of weather can be.
Wiping runny noses, having to listen to allergic coughs as the background score
and tending to exposure fevers is not exactly my idea of spending a lovely
September day. So ladies, if it is brunches, coffee dates and salon
appointments that you’d rather have on your daily schedule, then read on!

Let’s take the bull by the horns – Kids fall sick when they are not strong enough
to fight off seasonal flu attacks. While this weather is known for triggering
allergies, there is also the damning combination of sweat and air conditioning.
This multi-pronged attack on a child’s immune system can sometimes get quite
overwhelming – both for the child as well as the primary caregiver (read mum).
So, for the sake of preserving your sanity and sipping those coffees, here is
what you should do: Boost your child’s immunity.

 Tweak the menu
A little adjustment in what you put on the child’s plate can make all the
difference. At great risk to my personal safety, may I suggest that you
encourage the child to eat unpopular veggies like broccoli and beetroot? Dilute
the gross factor by adding broccoli to a plate of pasta in white sauce and a
dash of beet to a tangy salad.

 Snack smart
Address the elevenses with a bowl of no-fuss, fresh, seasonal fruit. The vitamin
C in that bowl is a sure shot immunity booster. Evening snack o’clock? I’d blitz
a glass of mixed fruits to serve up.

 Grill instead of fry
Keep the frying pan on the back burner for a while as you fire up the grill.
Grilling instead of frying foods cuts out the intake of unhealthy fats and toxins,
which automatically helps build immunity.

 Tank up
Liquids – from water and milk to juices, soups and everything in between –
make up the holy grail of immunity boosting. Liquids keep you hydrated,
remove toxins efficiently and recharge the body. Healthy child, happy mum!

 Wear layers
A big part of staying ahead of change of season issues is by using physical
barriers. An extra layer, thicker fabric and full sleeved tops and t-shirts, help when the kids are sweaty from all that running around and rush into an air conditioned room to give you a hug! Exposure knocks whatever immunity that you have so carefully developed off its feet and places you back in square one.
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